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HCG Weight Loss Male Testimonial

MALE – Starting Weight – 273lbs  Current Weight – 224lbs – Age – 44

My life has significantly improved since working individually with Brooke Bentley FNP and her Advanced Medicine team. Brooke Bentley has helped me learn so much about diet and to understand so much more about my body and how important a combined diet, exercise and nutrition plan is to maintaining a positive and healthy lifestyle.

Advanced Medicine customized a weight loss plan for me in March 2015, starting with the HCG Diet and continuing on with VitaTrim injections.  Brooke Bentley’s knowledge in Balancing Hormones and guidance with lifestyle change has helped me to lose nearly 50lbs, the result is that I feel great!

My family and friends have noticed my weight loss which also makes me feel great. Advanced Medicine’s staff is great to work with and they are always there to offer support and have treated me like family. They care about their clients and it shows. Dr. Scharfstein, Angela, Erika and Stephanie have all been a big part of my weight loss success as well. They are a wonderful group of people to assist clients with diet and weight loss.

I highly recommend Brooke and her team to anyone that would like to
find a healthy balance to diet, hormones, exercise and nutrition.

Chris T
January 2016

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